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Hittel Lane is a family owned and operated children's toy store co-founded by the husband and wife team of Brian and Suzanne Hittel.  Once they became the parents to three small children they were quickly immersed in the daily struggles of parenthood.  They created Hittel Lane to invent toys and tools to help other parents solve these frustrating problems and to make life more enjoyable for both parents and chlidren.  Who better to develop a solution to these problems then someone dealing with them everyday?  That's why all Hittel Lane products are Mom Invented and Kid Approved!    

Our First Toy

My Bedtime Game is the first toy that we are releasing to the public.  It's a tool that helps parents in getting their child excited about going to bed on time and creating healthy sleep habits.  It's invented by Suzanne Lane Hittel, mom of 3 and co-founder of Hittel Lane.  When her oldest child, OIivia, turned three it became exhausting to get her to go to bed on time and then to stay there until it was time to wake-up.  It happened every night and everyone was exhausted.  That's when Suzanne looked everywhere for a bedtime solution but found nothing.  So she then thought back to her Psychology classes and conditioning behavior.  The behavior she wanted was for Olivia to go to bed on time and stay there until it was time to wake up, now she just had to figure out the best way to get her to perform this behavior.  Offering rewards was the obvious solution but she couldn't find any reward charts that fit what she was trying to accomplish plus they were all boring.  So she decide to create her own and that is when My Bedtime Game began to come to life.  She decided to make bedtime WAY more FUN by creating a board game where the child earns a sticker on their game every time the desired behavior is performed.   Throughout the game the child will win small and medium rewards on their way to their Grand Prize!  Thankfully once Olivia had her My Bedtime Game she loved it and everyone was finally able to get a good nights sleep again.  Now we would like to help other parents and children having bedtime issues or those that just want to make bedtime more fun!

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